Emotion in Art of Stefanie Etter

Art lives from emotions. For Stefanie, it is the emotions that nature conveys to her. What she feels, she sees in her inner eye before she transfers it to the canvas or a painted object.

Stefanie’s artworks are abstract. They are based on the four elements of earth, water, air and fire. She counters the daily rush of life with the tranquility of painting. So, the elements earth and water stand for the vastness of surfaces. The element air for lightness and fire for energy. Nature is like a never-ending source of inspiration: pristine, vast, powerful. A great gift for Stefanie, who draws her creative power from the vastness of nature.

During the lockdown, another emotion sets in, an opposite one. Driven by a longing for the urban, especially towards humans, she develops her Urban Style. Stefanie’s art becomes urban and symbolizes human interaction in urban space. Graffiti and street art form essential elements of this new, modern and colorful art.

Artworks by Stefanie Etter: the contrast

Stefanie uses emotions from the vastness of nature and the narrowness of the urban in her artistic work. The contrasts of these worlds are also reflected in her way of working. It is about lightness and letting go, which arise in flowing, pouring and spill. And about control, which Stefanie exercises when she works directly on the artwork with brush, palette knife or hands.

For the viewer, these contrasts are evident in Stefanie’s art: there, high-gloss sections exchange with rough structures, there are large surfaces and delicate details, collage works or spray techniques, as well as colorfully restrained or colorful works. In all of them you will find: Stefanie Etter – and always also space for the people looking at them.

How does my art look in your rooms?

You can now see for yourself in the free iazuu app. Just scan the QR code. This will give you a direct feel for how the picture will look in your enviroment. Here you can see two examples: one work oft art – two different enviroments – two differnt effects.

In your home, office, practice or chambers: where does your favourite picture come into its own?

Selected working pieces