Stefanie Etter: Artist and Artpreneur

Art has accompanied Stefanie Etter for more than 20 years. She attended master classes and art academies, developed her distinctive style and trained as an art therapist. In 2016, she discovered the medium of resin for herself. Largely unknown in the German art scene at the time, she quickly realised the possibilities it offered her and her art. Resin is the ideal medium for her artistic expression, she finds her calling in working with it.

Art by Stefanie Etter

As an artist, Stefanie uses myriad media, materials and tools to create her multi-layered works. Among other things, she uses synthetic resins, structural materials, mixed media, wood or papers. For the application, she uses her hands, brushes and spatulas – and containers from which she lets the resin flow. This flowing combines with the haptic work on the painting surface to create a visual harmony that distinguishes her artworks, making them unique and recognisable. The viewer also discovers details of oil pastels, tar, rust or painted layers as well as spray paint. The multi-dimensionality arises in the process: Stefanie works on her pictures, removes, grinds and polishes until the result is coherent.

She draws inspiration for her works from nature, more precisely from the four elements of water, air, earth and fire. She thus sets a counterpoint to the hectic and urban entrepreneurial life. During the Corona pandemic, she adds a fifth element to her work, which she calls urban. Modern graffiti art and street art elements interrupt the enforced silence of the lockdown.

New directions in art

All this is not enough for Stefanie. She is looking for other media and ways to express herself in art. In the process, she experiments with extra-large bursts (crackles), which become her trademark and can also be found in her object art.

In 2021, she combines fluid painting with the possibilities of video art. This is evidenced by her first video installation “Living Colors”, premiered at the SWISS ART EXPO in Zurich (and can be seen at the top of this website). She places the flow of resin and the liveliness of colours at the centre of her work and allows the viewer to participate directly in her installation. She thus adds a digital dimension to her work.

Entrepreneur Stefanie Etter

2018 marks a turning point in her art-making. Stefanie quits her permanent position in the corporate world and from now on devotes herself full-time to art. Not only as an artist, but also as an entrepreneur: she founds her own company. Stefanie introduces resin for the artistic field on a large scale in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, sells other products for artists’ needs and opens her own “Resin Art Academy”.

Artistic work becomes visible:

exhibitions and book

Stefanie has hosted several international exhibitions (including New York) as well as countless solo exhibitions in Germany. She passes on her knowledge on the subject of resin at numerous academies, including her own “Resin Kunst Akademie”. Her standard work “Resin Art” was awarded the Creative Impulse innovation prize in 2020.